Position of the island

The island of Rab belongs to the northern group of Adriatic islands in the Kvarner Bay at 44 parallel north latitude.

Under the shelter of the Velebit Mountain, Dinaric mountain high, which ensures the influx of fresh, clean continental air warmed to a pleasant Mediterranean temperature, which in average amounts 26 C in summer and 7 C in winter.

It is important to know that the air temperature is more than 140 days per year above 18 C.

On the island

When we say Rab, we think the whole island places Lopar, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Palit, Banol, Barbat, but the crown of the most beautiful place in which the entire island got its name RAB is squeezed Mediterranean urban complex that once a literarily disposed passenger reminded on the great white ship docked in port, with four masts - four tall bell towers of Rab.



History tells us that Rab its strong attraction for many centuries paid with slavery, gold and human blood. Its mild climate, sheltered and bland green areas attracted the eyes of the sailors, and conquerors since the ancient Romans who captured the island and gave it name Rab - to the Ostrogoths and the Byzantines, the Slavs Croats in the seventh century, who reached the Adriatic coast, and embraced shores and islands as part of its inseparable destiny and homeland, giving the ancient Arbi similar name on their language RAB.

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